18th Summer of Green Room Training (Skill Development) all-inclusive program

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    This will be the 18th summer for Green Room Training program, located in Northern California (Santa Rosa). www.greenroomtraining.net The program includes players from high school, college, overseas professionals, and NBA talents. GRT has had multiple players in the last few years reach their NBA dreams (two NBA Lottery Picks and multiple draft picks), however, it is the boutique-style that allows varying levels of abilities to train in one high-level environment. The program starts June 12th and continues till Mid August. Past Alumni include Josh Jackson (will be this years #1, #2, #3 Draft pick), Marquese Chriss (#9 pick last year), Shabazz Muhammad (Lottery Pick), Sir Dominic Pointer (2nd Round), etc. The great part of the program is over achieving high school players, that work hard, able to train at the same levels, and with professionals.

    GRT includes both skill sessions in the morning, followed by strength and conditioning training in the evening. The program includes meal replacement drinks, pre-post workout drinks, and yoga classes. People can sign up just for the morning skills, or the entire program per request.

    To sign up email jeremyrussotti@gmail.com or call (707) 849-1212. Prices vary depending on accommodations.

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